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What's a 'Digital Strategy' and why consider it?

I work with small orgs, community health centers and university research teams to introduce technologies for data collection, dissemination and management. I apply a standard process that is understandable and concise.  

A little bit about how this can break down based on industry:

For NGOs, foundations, community groups and social enterprise

A first digital strategy should not be over-engineered. Start by running through the basics. Take a look at the current picture through a short and understandable needs assessment, align the human elements (who are the users, who are the managers, who has time to do what, etc) with easy to understand list of technical possibilities.

Costs are characterized as dollar amounts to set up + maintain any hardware, software, accessories plus (or minus) time investment from your team. Consider and combine this cost analysis up front.

For University research teams

Running through a digital needs assessment will result in the identification of a number of areas to save human hours by replacing paper or computer-based processes with mobile-based data collection and entry methods. I have worked with a number of academic clients to understand potential time-saving benefits of creating survey instruments on mobile tablets vs. paper and how to prepare new study coordinator staff to implement internally rather than hiring third party staff.

For health systems (both public and private) and larger organizations

This process should result in a concise set of needs that can be used to:

  • Publish a Request for Proposals from technology vendors and consultants

  • Inform funders of the hardware, software and human resource needs

  • Create a capacity building plan for internal staff to grow technology plans in-house

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